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Toyota Canada Adds CarFax Vehicle History Reports to Toyota Certified Used Vehicle Program

Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) has added the CarFax vehicle history report as part of the certification requirement under the Toyota Certified Used Vehicle (TCUV) Program.

With a 127-point inspection, a free tank of gas, roadside assistance and other benefits, the TCUV program is already recognized as one of the best certified pre-owned vehicle programs in the industry. A CarFax vehicle history report adds the final element to ensure buyers have a worry-free purchase.

"TCI is pleased to be a part of this new relationship, which is another way to offer peace of mind to buyers," said Tony Wearing, Managing Director at Toyota Canada. "This is an opportunity for TCUV to maintain the kind of unparalleled commitment customers have come to expect."

TCI will provide direct on-line access to CarFax, allowing TCUV dealers to learn if a vehicle has ever been registered in the United States, a collision estimate and accident damage information has been recorded, and if the vehicle has any negative branding (e.g. "Salvage", "Rebuilt", "Stolen" and/or "Total Loss") within any Canadian or U.S. jurisdictions.

"We are thrilled that Toyota Canada has decided to add the power of CarFax reports to the already well-respected TCUV brand," said Paul Antony, President of CarFax.

CarFax, a London, Ontario company, was started in 2000 to provide the most comprehensive, accurate and timely Used Vehicle History Reports available in Canada.